About Us

Two Best Friends, One Ridiculus Hot Sauce

It all started at an 8th grade sleepover when Drayson gave Bud a wedgie.

But this wasn’t just any wedgie... 

This was an ATOMIC wedgie.

A wedgie so good it allowed Drayson to drag Bud by his underpants across the entire basement floor.
A wedgie so grand it would transform these two into life-long best friends.
A wedgie so inspiring that 20 years post-wedgie, these two best friends would start a revolution to change the way people thought about the greatest food on earth-- hot sauce.


    Fast forward 20 years to the present day. 
It is a day (mostly) free from wedgies. Drayson has made himself quite the successful Hollywood animator and Bud, an accomplished serial entrepreneur.
With a passion for heat and challenge, Bud and Drayson begin concocting different types of hot sauces for fun.
One fruitful day, they make a lacto-fermented hot sauce, and it changes the way they look at hot sauce forever.
Bud starts making so much of it that Drayson catches him drinking it straight. 
“Boy, that is one habit you got there,” drawls Drayson. 
And, thus, the revolution begins.
In that moment, Bud and Drayson know…
The people need to experience this atomic flavor.
 The world needs more raw, probiotic foods to make us all feel better. 
And the earth needs to be treated better with less plastic packaging.
Bud and Drayson’s new mission in life? 
Make great food and sustainability a habit.

In a secret concoction that includes a rare spice from Chile called Merken, we lacto-ferment organic, non-gmo, free-range peppers from local Oregon farmers.
After two weeks of fermentation, we blend these peppers to create the magical hot sauce you see today. 
No pasteurization. No cooking. No preservatives.
Only raw, live deliciousness.

Habit Hot Sauce Habanero Hibiscus, 4 fl oz, front and back