Fire Water is a naturally probiotic drinking vinegar made from organic fermented peppers.

Fire Water

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Fire Water is our all-new spicy, floral, Probiotic Tonic made from organic fermented peppers! Use it daily as a shot to help keep up that healthy gut biome or use it as a shrub in your favorite cocktails! we love it in:

Bloody Marys, Spicy Margaritas, Martinis

  • Mixing it with club soda and sipping on it as a digestif. 
  • Or drink it straight on the rocks like our founders do!
  • Get creative and whip up a batch of something spicy. Just be sure to tell us about it!

Organic Red Bell Pepper, Organic Habanero Chile, Organic Cherry Bomb Pepper, Water, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Sugar, Organic Spices, Time.

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